[Map] The Broken Bridge


This map is dedicated to Sophia, one of my very first patrons. She was  entitled to request a custom map, but instead of giving me instructions she replied: “I don’t have any preference. I mostly want to support your work“.  This was of course very kind and generous of her, but still I wanted to make a map for her. So, I asked what is her favorite genre and I ended up drawing this map.

The Broken Bridge of the Ironspire

Under the dunes of Vaél lie the long forgotten remains of the great Empire of Azuria.

Before the green plains of Vaél turned into an endless desert, the once great empire of Azuria spanned from the western shores of Argouna all the way to the Eastern Kingdoms. Now the Empire has been in ruins for a hundred generations and it’s been taken over by savage creatures and horrible monsters.

In the desert of Vaél there is a shard-like mountain that has cracked in half. The taller half of the mountain has been carved into an immensely high tower of stone and iron, and the other half hides  the entrance to the tower.  There used to be stairs leading up to the entrance, but those have been collapsed and crumbled into a pile of sand and small rocks long, long ago. A brave and able-bodied adventurer can climb the steep side of the Shard Mountain and enter the dungeons of the Ironspire…

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This map was originally published on Patreon with the support of my awesome patrons in July 2016.

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