[Map] Swamp Outpost


This small outpost is located in the middle of a remote marshland. The structure is quite old and made of concrete bricks and light-weight elements assembled on site. The facility is mainly powered by old solar panels installed on the roof of the main building. These panels provide energy for lightning, communications and other essential electrical systems. Otherwise the facilities are quite stoic and primitive. There is no running water or toilets, for example.

There is a landing pad in front of the main building. It is obviously designed for small aircrafts, but big enough for heavier aircrafts or small spacecrafts as well.

Next to the landing pad there is a watch tower. It is around five meters tall and made out of wood and light metal supports. There is a floodlight and an alarm klaxon installed on the top of the tower.

The outpost has an undergroud section with a living chamber, interrogation room and holding cells. It looks like the underground facility is originally a storage space or a hurricane shelter of sorts, and it has been later fitted with the holding cells.


The outpost has a crew of seven. One of them is in charge and has a separate room in the undergound section of the building. Others have small lockers for their personal items.

The crew is equipped for their job with standard quality weapons and tools. They prefer light armor, because of the warm and humid climate. The boss has some special equipment that is hidden behind a loose air ventilation cover in their private chamber.


You can get the 150dpi maps and a datasheet here


This map was originally published as a patron supported map on Patreon in December 2015. 

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