[Map] Space Wreck

I have a thing with wrecked spaceships 🙂 I like to design these maps and add a few twists. Lately I haven’t been able to do that many of these, but I have some plans to make parts of ships and space stations that are in varying conditions.

This is just a regular spaceship with a horizontal layout which in itself hints to some sort of artificial gravity and inertial dampening technology. So, this map is probably more suitable for space opera settings like Star Wars or Traveller.

I added the atmospheric indication colors there as an extra feature. The drone bay and the engineering sections are filled with toxic fumes that can be recycled away if the air filtration system (accessible through the service hatch in the engineering) is fixed.

Also, I thought it might be an interesting challenge to find someone still hibernating in a cryostatis pod, but as the pods are in vacuum, it might pose some difficulties getting the person out of the pod alive.

I hope you like this and find use for it.


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