[Map] Space Station Die-Drop Table

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This patron supported map was originally published on Patreon in February 2016.

This time there isn’t really a story for this piece of work, partly because it’s intention is in a way to help creating stories through various random encounters and locations it generates.

I’ve actually had something like this in mind already for some time, but never really got to do this. When I did the ruined city die-drop table for the last #mapvember, everything kind of locked in place. That was when I figured out that die-drop tables would be pretty perfect for handling huge locations and structures like cities, space stations and such.

This die-drop table is designed for use in various science fiction settings and it should be suitable for all kinds of space stations, colony habitats and even huge capital ships. I friend of mine who has served in the US Navy pointed out a few pretty obvious facilities a spaceship should have, so I thought that this die-drop table is just for stationary structures and I’ll make a separate one for spaceships later 🙂

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