[Map] Shrike-class Scout Ship


Shrike-class Scout Ship

The Shrike-class scout ships are the tip of the spear in tracking and fighting the interstellar space piracy. These fast and manoeuvrable ships are designed for long-range scanning, high acceleration chases and interception tasks on remote systems with minimal military support.

A typical Shrike-class scout ship is armed with a forward mounted gauss-cannon powerful enough to disable a small cruiser, twin-torpedo tubes and dorsal and ventral PDC turrets.

In addition to the mounted weaponry, the Shrike-class scout ships are typically equipped with one or two boarding shuttles docked in one of the ship’s shuttle / cargo bays.

The ship’s crew complement includes at least 14 crew members and 8 marines trained in ship boarding operations. At most the ship can support a crew of 24 with 16 marines (40 persons), when double-bunks are used in the crew berths.

The ship’s operational range is 20 light-years or 3 months in active duty without resupply.

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