[Map] Secret Caves

Secret caves dungeon map

Under the ruins of the old monastery, there are secret chambers and caves that hide a huge crystal with corrupting magical powers. Living creatures mutate into beasts with inhuman strength, and any dead creature brought close to the crystal will rise again as a soulless undead abomination.

The caves are taken over by a cult called the Children of the Glow. Recently the cult has been robbing graves to grow the numbers of their foot soldiers, and made raids to nearby villages and settlements, and ambushed travelers on the road.

The caves are being guarded by undead creatures and other aberrations corrupted by the powers of the crystal, but the crystal must be destroyed before it is too late.

About This Map

This map was drawn as a quick timelapse experiment with a regular ball-point pen on a piece of copier paper I got at hand. Later I scanned the picture and colored it in Photoshop. with my XP-Pen 22E Pro drawing display.  

This map was made and released under a Creative Commons license
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