[Map] Scavenger Town


This patron supported map was originally published on Patreon in January 2016. 


Right after I made the Walker Wreck map, I thought that I need to make another map to go with it. I decided to continue riffing off of Star Wars The Force Awakens and ended up drawing a map of a small trading post for trading junk and other scavenged valuables for food, water, clothes and equipment. Sometimes maybe even for a ride out of the wasteland.

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Scavenger Town

This small settlement might have a real name, but everyone knows it as Scavenger Town. It’s a small settlement surrounded with three meter electric fence to keep off the beasts and bandits wandering in the Wasteland.

Scavenger Town has a permanent population of maybe 50 inhabitants, but during the daytime the population can double as traders, wastelanders and other by-passers visit the town to trade goods.

Official jurisdiction in Scavenger Town is only nominal and in practice the town is ran by its four named officials:

  • The Supervisor,  Shum Plokk,  is the closest thing to a mayor Scanvenger Town has. He claims to be an official representative of some government no one actually knows about, but he seems to be well connected to other nearby cities, settlements, clans and merchants.
  • The Chief Engineer, Jen Boltbox, takes care of the power station, water recyclers and the refueling of all the vehicles visiting the town. Most of the time stays at the power station next to the north gate keeping all the machines running and taking care of the vehicles needing refueling or maintenance. She looks surprisingly young for a chief engineer, but people say that she’s by far the best and most capable engineer the town has had so far.
  • The Doc, Azi devAnkunnar, is the official doctor, and accountant, and translator, or what ever he needs to be when his sharp wits and apparently endless expertise in science and scholarship is needed. And he actually is very competent in what ever he is doing. One might even wonder what is someone as talented as he doing in this trifling camp of junk scavengers and traders.
  • The Sheriff, Harv Grey, has seen a lot of fights. So many he’s already tired of them and honestly wants to avoid any scuffle more than engage in one. But if he is out of options, he does not hesitate to use force. Fast, efficient and unsparing force to handle the situation as quickly and safely as possible. Anyone with any military training can tell that the Sheriff has a certain bearing that tells about military background.



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