[Map] Hive Scout


I’ve supposed to draw a map of an organic ship for months already, but a few weeks ago I gave it a shot. This was not really in my comfort zone, as I’ve never done anything like this before.

This is a saucer shaped ship that has bioluminescent lights pulsating on the surface. Its interior is composed of weird organic materials and surfaces. The ship’s outer surface and some parts of the interrior, like floors and heavier bulkheads, resemble chitinous carapace.

It makes a low humming noise and it moves in insect-like manner making quick turns and zooms and occasionally stopping to hover in place. It has a dozen insect like legs that it extend from the bottom of the ship when it lands.  The ship also has a single tractor beam that it can use to pull objects into the ship from up to 50 meters away directly under the ship.

To determine the function for each of the spaces inside the ship choose or roll d10:



  1.  Navigation controls
  2.  Power / Maneuvering system
  3.  Clone incubator
  4.  Dissection / Laboratory
  5.  Psionic mainframe
  6.  Clairvoyance organ
  7.  Telepathic communications
  8.  Mind-alteration / Memory wipe
  9.  Defensive system
  10.  Hibernation

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