[Map] An Abandoned Missile Silo

Temple of Warhead

After the civilization fell, so fell the old faiths. But from the ashes of the destruction new gods rose. One of these new religions was the faith of Warhead. 

Followers of Warhead were strong and capable fighters, but also clever mechanics. They drew their power from the fury contained within them. Only when absolutely necessary they let their fury take over their senses and drive themselves into a berserk rage. To contain their rage, followers of Warhead, collected, stored and protected weapons of mass destruction of the old world. Their mission was to prevent another Fall, by any means necessary.

Like this, many temples of Warhead were built inside old military facilities. Temples were before anything else places of worship, but the monks often dealt also in trading and repairing old machinery and simple electronics.

The upper level is reserved for visitors, religious sermons, and trade. The lower level has the living quarters and the central altar, housing a still functional intercontinental missile armed with a nuclear warhead. Only the highest-ranking monks have access to this holy chamber.

 Making This Map

This map was drawn on a dotted Rodia notepad (A5) with felt-tip pens and colored in Photoshop. 

This map was made with the support of my patrons on Patreon and released under a Creative Commons license. A high-resolution version with multiple variants of this map is available to my patrons exclusively on Patreon.

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