[Map] Happy Holidays – Special Surprise Map


Just before the holidays I got an idea to make a Christmas card with a map on it. Well, I seem to have a talent to lose control with the space I use for a map and my postcard sized map turned out to be a full A4/Letter sized map 🙂

So, here is my holiday present to all of you! Thanks for your support and I wish you happy holidays and a most excellent new year. Hope you like it 🙂

Pro-Tip: The map works so that you can fold the paper twice and put it on table, like in the picture above.

Download the map files here:



Story Seed: Assault on Outpost NP3

While drawing the map a story came to my mind:

There has been an assault on outpost NP3 (or “North Pole Three”) by an unknown hostile. We assume that the hostiles used the natural caverns under the station to access parts of the outpost while there was a bomb explosion at the center of the base. The explosion was meant to cripple our defenses, but also to act as a diversion that allowed the hostiles to enter the base from an unexpected vector and flank the outpost’s remaining security units.

Contact was lost to the station right when the assault happened and a rapid response team was sent to investigate. It seems that the hostiles had a mobile surface-to-air missile system, which they used to eliminate the troop carrier right before it reached the station, damaging the outpost as it crashed on the landing pad.

There is some vital information stored in the outpost’s mainframe and the commander’s workstation that needs to be retrieved as soon as possible without being detected. It is highly probable that the hostiles are trying to access this information as well, and they are trying to bypass the outposts firewall as we speak. The data extraction needs to be done with utmost haste, to get the information, before the hostiles crack our encryption.

Rudolph is ready for take off in bay four. We wish you godspeed.

Santa Claus signing off.


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