Fargate Room [30×30]

Hundreds of generations ago the Ancestors built the great web of fargates that allowed them to move with ease around the world. After the Last War, the fargates went silent. No one could travel through the portals until many millennia had passed. No one really knows why the lights of the fargate pillars started glowing again faintly. Still, it took many years before the first gate opened and the age of exploration begun…


This encounter map is an old portal room built ages ago by some ancient civilization. It is heavily inspired by Astraterra, my RPG that is finally coming in English later this month. While the map comes with multiple variations with the portal open or glowing pillars, this can also be a place of worship, an ancient alien starship control room, or a magical conduit of some sort.


This map is also available on Patreon and DrivethruRPG as a fully Roll20 and Foundry VTT compatible 30×30 with 140 px per squares map pack. It comes with 8 different variants, each with and without a grid, and 5 transparent portal tiles if you want to build your own portal or change its state more easily while playing. 

Variants included in the full map pack:

  • Closed portal
  • Open light portal
  • Open light portal with lightning arcs
  • Open dark portal
  • Open dark portal with tentacles
  • Portal in moonlight
  • A malfunctioning portal
  • Purple color variant

A layered version with even more options to build your own scene is available for Hero and higher tier patrons

A ready-to-play version for Foundry VTT is also available for Hero tier and higher patrons.