Premium Battlemap Modules for Foundry VTT

One of the premium battlemaps in action

I’m really excited to announce Miska’s Maps Premium Battlemap Modules for Foundry VTT! 

A while ago I found out about Foundry VTT. It’s a virtual tabletop platform similar to Roll20, but an open platform and much more intuitive to use for me. The open platform allows you to do your own content and modules for Foundry VTT and share them with other users. This also makes it possible for me to pre-configure my maps with dynamic light and other features for Foundry VTT and share them with you. 

Battlemap Modules

If you are a Foundry VTT license owner, you can already download my Battlemap Starter Pack here for free. See the installation instructions below, if necessary. 

However, making FoundryVTT-ready maps takes some extra time and testing, so I cannot share this with my basic map packs, but I have these as special content available for all Hero and higher tier patrons. 

The modules will be divided into different volumes with around a dozen maps each. 

You can find the Patreon-exclusive Premium Battlemap Modules in the Hero Archive (Requires a $10+ tier patronage).


How to install and activate through Foundry VTT: 

  1. Launch Foundry VTT > Select “Add-on Modules” tab
  2. Click “Install Module” > Copy & paste the manifest link here to “Manifest URL”
  3. Click “Install” 
  4. Launch a world and activate Miska’s Maps Premium Battlemaps vol X module
  5. Open Compendium and import the maps you like

You can update the module easily through Foundry VTT with a few mouse clicks:

  • Update by clicking the “Check Update” next to the module in the modules listing, or “Update All” at the bottom of the panel.