[Battle Map] The Laser Warrior – Bar & Nightclub

The Laser Warrior Bar & Nightclub Battle Map

The Laser Warrior is a fairly well-known bar and nightclub among the local criminals – especially smugglers, drug dealers, mercenaries and other such freelance operators. 

The owner of The Laser Warrior, Daniel Shadie (Friends call him “Shady“), is very well connected to the local underground and law enforcement. Shady has a very strict code of honor. He is not a snitch, and he is a master at making deals and negotiating. 

Shady has a bodyguard, a huge, but gentle giant called Hammer. Hammer follows Shady where ever he goes, and people say that Hammer has once punched through a brick wall with his bare fist. Hammer doesn’t say too much, but his favorite line is “it’s Hammer time”, when its time for him to rough someone up. 

Other staff at The Laser Warrior include:

  • Les & Gil, dealers at the gambling tables
  • Teo, Mal, and Flip, bartenders
  • V-Glitch, DJ
  • Hubba & Bubba, bouncers

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