[Battle Map] Spy Safehouse

About This Map

This map was a really fun project to work with. I actually studied a bit about safehouses and common practices with those. At least, based on what could be found on the internet. 

The layout is designed to be located in a city on the second or third floor, for example. The locations are fairly busy, so traffic into the building does not draw too much attention. The safehouse does not have extensive modifications as big renovations would draw attention and likely leave behind evidence of the safe house as the modifications could not be removed fast enough is the location of the safehouse was revealed. 

The layout is designed so that it has one clear entry point from the hallway and two escape routes. The fire escape, which is secured by locked bars that can be opened quickly from the inside and breaching charges placed on the wall in the panic room. The office and bunkroom work as defense points before the bedrooms at the end of the apartment. The guards will position into the office and library creating a choke point and a kill box in the living room buying extra time for the rest to prepare escape through the fire escape or the panic room. 

I thought this map could be used in modern and cyberpunk settings. Besides being a safehouse for some intelligence agency, it can be a corporate safehouse or a hideout for a crime boss. 

Making This Map

This map was drawn on a fairly large 10 mm grid with new felt tip pens which are amazing. I really love the lines the pens produce. the line art was scanned and colored on Photoshop.

This map was made with the support of my patrons on Patreon and released under a Creative Commons license. A high-resolution version with multiple variants of this map is available to my patrons exclusively on Patreon.

Thank you for your amazing support NATHANIEL TSAI and NICHOLAS BUTTA!

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