[Battle Map] Xeno-Temple

Alien temple battle map

After getting my hands on the new Alien RPG I felt like I really need to do a map for it, so, as a result, I decided to do this Prometheus inspired Roll20 compatible battle map. I hope you like it!


Xenoarcheological site XEN3992012.3 was found on the moon of Thestias (EV-337) in the Pollux system. The site was one of the first and few remnants of the Malakim culture found relatively intact. Like with other Malachim sites, the surface parts of the site were completely destroyed, but parts of the underground facility had remained functional. At site XEN3992012.3 several xeno-artifacts were found. The most significant finding was the new parasitic organism XG111. This organism was dubbed as Apophis because of its snake-like morphology. Unfortunately, the scientists who found the organism and were deceased soon after the initial studies after getting infested with parasitic worms by one of these creatures.  

XG111 was found contained in a sealed hall with organic growth covering the walls. At first, this organism seemed dormant but after the XG111 became into contact with biological matter the organism activated and started growing. It tried to absorb nearby organic matter to increase its mass. 

Making this Battle Map

Most importantly, this map was inspired by the Alien movies, especially Prometheus and Covenant. I drew some ideas also from the protomolecule in The Expanse series (and TTRPG).

This battle map was originally drawn as an experiment to test new ink brush pens but, unexpectedly, it turned into a full battle map. Afterwards, the line art was scanned and colored in Photoshop. 

This map was made with the support of my patrons on Patreon and released under a Creative Commons license. A high-resolution version with multiple variants of this map, including a Roll20 optimized version, is available to my patrons exclusively on Patreon.

Nicholas Butta and Sergeant Zeno !

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