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[Map] Prometheus Zero

Three years ago a private mining survey crew, working under a contract for the Corporation, found a cavity inside an asteroid in the asteroid belt. The cavity was found in initial density scans because of its unusually symmetrical shape surrounded by a layer of high-density silicates. The scan data was sent to the contractor, and the Corporation immediately claimed over the mining operations. Radio contact with the mining vessel was lost soon after the data was received.

For unknown reasons, the contracted mining crew decided to initiate excavations, before the Corporation vessel arrived. The mining crew bore a tunnel through the asteroid, reaching the cavity in a matter of days. According to the biometrics and sensor recordings salvaged from the remains of the mining ship and the crew’s skinsuits, the crew had built a temporary airlock inside the asteroid and breached the cavity just hours before the Corporation vessel arrived on site. 

It was immediately obvious that something was wrong and a hazard control unit consisting of four military-grade hybrids and a synthetic was sent to secure the area. The site was secured and contained, but with heavy casualties. The operation was successful thanks to the support of the ship’s AI and the synthetic crew member, who seemed to be immune to the psychogenic effects of the organism, later designated as Echidna, found inside the asteroid. 

This map by Miska Fredman is created with the support of my awesome patrons and published under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License (CC-NC-BY-4.0).  

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[Map] ZT-3300 Light Freighter Deck Plans


ZT-3300 Light Freighter is a highly modular cargo ship that can carry larger cargo modules in addition to its small internal cargo hold. This ship is fitted with a small crew module on the left front section and an escape pod on the left lower section next to the engineering. The main module on the right front section also works as a detachable emergency vehicle. This ship’s crew has invested in a med-pod for emergencies. It can be used to treat serious wounds, pathogens, and toxins. It also functions as a cryogenic stasis chamber in case the patient needs to be stabilized for a longer period and transported to more advanced medical facilities. The ship’s turret is accessed via a vertical tube in the engineering section. The tube also works as an airlock and access hatch to the top of the ship, but it can be also fitted with a second turret.

This map was originally published on Patreon with the support of my awesome patrons in October 2018, and you can find high-resolution map packs with virtual tabletop ready maps also on DrivethruRPG.


This work by Miska Fredman is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License (CC-NC-BY-4.0).

#mapvember2018: days 9-12

9/30: House of the Rising Sun

Industrial tycoon and inventor Anthony Spark lives in a luxurious mansion built on a cliffside facing east. The upper floor has a kitchen, dining room and two smaller rooms, and the bottom floor has a workshop, living room, a master bedroom (that also doubles as a safe room if necessary), a large balcony, and a sauna.

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#Mapvember2018 6/30: Wonderwall

The Western Seawall, also better known as the “Wonderwall”, was built on the western coastline to prevent the raised sea level from flooding some of the most valuable properties and densely populated areas on the West Coast megaplex of San Angeles. Unexpectedly the regions close to the seawall plummeted in land value and now over 50% of the area is categorized as slums.

#Mapvember2018 5/30: Master of Puppets

The rogue AI OBERON uses brainhacked people as its servants, soldiers, and infiltrators. If there isn’t a proper brainhacking unit, like a skulljack or gorgon, on the field, captured “organics” are transported to a reprogramming hub. A puppetmaster-class drone supervises the process and is responsible for all the memory extractions, and the design and inception of the mnemonic implants.