[Battle Map] Spy Safehouse

About This Map This map was a really fun project to work with. I actually studied a bit about safehouses and common practices with those. At least, based on what could be found on the internet.  The layout is designed to be located in a city on the second or…

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[Map] Cliffside Mansion

About the Map Cliffside Mansion is a luxurious, but relatively small mansion built on a cliff facing the ocean. It has two floors. The upper floor has a kitchen, a dining room, a small bedroom, and a spare room that could be a storage room, walk-in closet, or something similar….

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About the Map Variants

I’m sometimes talking about “map variants” I do for my maps. Here are screenshots of the contents of two recent map packs. This pack is available to all of my supporters on Patreon. This Cliffside Mansion map pack includes 8 different variants or map versions. It has the basic map,…

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[Battle / Map] Catacomb Passage

Catacomb passage dungeon map

Under the city, there is a vast and complex network of catacombs thousands of years old. Mostly these old tunnels are protected and preserved for the future generations as historical monuments, but with the right contacts and keys, the catacombs can be used to move around the city fast and…

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[Map] Secret Caves

Secret caves dungeon map

Under the ruins of the old monastery, there are secret chambers and caves that hide a huge crystal with corrupting magical powers. Living creatures mutate into beasts with inhuman strength, and any dead creature brought close to the crystal will rise again as a soulless undead abomination. The caves are…

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[Deckplan] Cheloni-Class Transport Shuttle

Cheloni-class transport shuttle deck plan

Cheloni-class transport shuttle is a civilian medium-distance starship modeled after a four-winged Z-class military transport. Cheloni-class shuttle has larger cargo capacity and operating distance. It has two weapon modules, that are usually fitted with a focused tractor beam or an anti-asteroid missile launcher,  and a quad-laser turret for point-defense.  The…

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[Map] Dragon Lair

A century ago a terrible dragon, Roihuzuamu, burned down and invaded the valley of Eloran. The two kings of the Eloran gave their lives fighting the greedy monster and now their throne room is the lair of the scaled beast. This map was made and released under a Creative Commons…

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[Map] Hacker Hideout

This cellar level maintenance room is refurbished as server space and a surveillance center. This complex system pulls data from a myriad of different hacked surveillance systems, drones, databases, and even cyber-brains. The data is analyzed by an AI expert software before streaming it on the screens and a neurolinked…

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[Deckplan] The Golden Lotus

Golden Lotus is a Concord-class solar sail vessel manufactured by Mercury Interstellar know for its high-quality space ships. The ship has a modular design with a central spine structure that can be fitted with different modules to meet the customer’s needs and wishes. The core structure comprises of the main…

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