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The Well of Horrors

In the woods close to a small town, there is a temple of a small, but fast-growing cult. The cult has made its home in

Testing Printed Maps

I tested printing a section of a map I’m working on. The original was not drawn with a grid, so it doesn’t quite match, but

#mapvember2018 Prompt List

The prompt list for #mapvember2018 is here! This year all of the topics on the prompt list are song titles! Each day is given a

[Map] The Tomb of Nihilar

  The Tomb of Nihilar… a pyramid hidden in the jungle hides a horrible secret deep underground. There is an abandoned camp near the tomb

[Map] The Azure Bastion

The Azure Bastion was once an important coastal fortress keeping an eye on a narrow passage on a peninsula leading to the prosperous harbor city

[Map] The Dwarven Rivergate

On the way to the dwarven city of Hakku there’s an old rivergate now infested with goblins and orcs. Passing the rivergate can save over

[Map] The Tomb of Devas

When I started drawing this map, the big statue at the center of the main hall became a sort of a center piece for the

[Map] A Bugbear Lair

  Small caves are perfect for short “side quests”. You can inhabit them with marauding humanoids, beasts or other creatures, like bugbears in this case.

[Map] A Ruined Castle

Ancient ruined castles with overgrown vegetation and crumbled walls have always been fascinating locations in fantasy RPG’s for me. So, here’s one 🙂 In the