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[Map] Panopticon-class Prisoner Transport Vessel

This patron supported map was originally published on Patreon in January 2016.  I started to experiment with some alternative fill patterns to replace the “Dyson-style” hatch pattern with something more suitable

[Map] Evacuated Rebel Base

Here’s a map of an evacuated rebel base with some supplies still left for loot.  I did this awhile back for Steve Barr, one of my

[Map] Scavenger Town

This patron supported map was originally published on Patreon in January 2016.    Right after I made the Walker Wreck map, I thought that I need to make another map to

[Map] Walker Wreck

This map was originally published as a patron supported map on Patreon in January 2016.  The idea for this map I got from the latest Star Wars movie. In

[Map] Black Phoenix Down

Mission Briefing One of our Efreet-class shuttles was intercepted by local insurgents and we have located the shuttle’s crash site. We expect the insurgent to

[Map] Swamp Outpost

This small outpost is located in the middle of a remote marshland. The structure is quite old and made of concrete bricks and light-weight elements

[Map] Wrecked Spaceship

This is a quick map I did to test the idea of vertically built spaceships and it was kind of inspired by The Expanse tv-series and

[Map] Pilgrim-class Voidjammer

This map is one of my #mapvember maps and a test with the grids and using solid black with spaceships and similar structures. Inspiration for