[Battle / Map] Catacomb Passage

Catacomb passage dungeon map

Under the city, there is a vast and complex network of catacombs thousands of years old. Mostly these old tunnels are protected and preserved for the future generations as historical monuments, but with the right contacts and keys, the catacombs can be used to move around the city fast and…

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[Map] The Tomb of Nihilar

  The Tomb of Nihilar… a pyramid hidden in the jungle hides a horrible secret deep underground. There is an abandoned camp near the tomb entrance. The last entry of a diary found at the campsite says something about a secret door in the sacrificial chamber and how others must…

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[Map] The Mountain Lair

  There are rumors of a horrible creature that lives in a cave hidden on the cliffsides of a mist covered mountain. It is told that ages ago some kind of cult held its unholy ceremonies in those caves and as a result of their rites the creature was born….

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