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Battle Map

Tomb of the Desert Queen [30×40]

Tomb of the Desert Queen is a 30×40 square fantasy battlemap with 70 px squares. Desert Queen’s undead armies have already devastated many towns and

Fargate Room [30×30]

Hundreds of generations ago the Ancestors built the great web of fargates that allowed them to move with ease around the world. After the Last

Off-World Prison Battle Map [22×62]

Rescuing someone from a high-security prison or escaping one is always an interesting adventure type. This map introduces a special prison facility located in a

Small Fantasy Warehouse

This small warehouse house has a two stories tall storage area and a small office which also acts as living quarters for the warehouse’s keeper. 

[Battle Map] Xeno-Temple

After getting my hands on the new Alien RPG I felt like I really need to do a map for it, so, as a result,

[Battle Map] Spy Safehouse

About This Map This map was a really fun project to work with. I actually studied a bit about safehouses and common practices with those.