About Miska’s Maps

Welcome to Miska’s Maps! We make original sci-fi and fantasy battle maps and props for tabletop role-playing games (TTRPGs). Our maps are compatible with most virtual tabletops, and we make content designed for Foundry VTT, so you can use less time for prepping and more time for playing. 

Miska's Maps' banner representing the logo and a collection of my favorite sci-fi and fantasy battlemaps
Making maps for tabletop RPGs since 2015

Human-Generated Cartography

We do our maps with digitally hand-drawn assets and textures or draw them from scratch. All our assets and maps are our own creations, and we do not use AI or premade 3rd party assets in our maps, props, or other products.

Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Cyberpunk Maps and Assets

We are big fans of games like Star Wars, Starfinder, Alien, The Expanse, Cyberpunk, and Eclipse Phase. And these are to mention a few of my favorite TTRPGs and settings. So, if you are playing any of these games, We are confident you will find useful maps, deckplans, and props from our libraries. While we focus on science-fiction, space fantasy, and cyberpunk TTRPG content on Patreon, we also make content for other genres and role-playing games. You can filter the map gallery by category to browse genres you are interested in.

For Print and Virtual Tabletops

We do my maps for print and virtual tabletops, like Roll20, Fantasy Ground, and Foundry VTT. We even make dynamically lit scenes for Foundry VTT. These dynamically lit scenes include walls, doors, and light sources. Some modules include sounds, short scenarios, encounters, and location/ship descriptions. Sometimes a few new NPCs, creatures, or scene illustrations can also be included in the package.

“Where Can I Get Miska’s Maps?”

On this website, you can find a portfolio of our work. You can also find these on Patreon and other Marketplaces like DrivethruRPG, Roll20, and Forge Bazaar. While we mostly focus on Patreon, occasionally, we do commission work.

Commission Work


Until further notice

We accept new commissions only from TTRPG publishers when we are available for commission work. Rates and availability vary by map theme, size, color, scale, format (print or VTT), and level of detail. The best way to reach us is through the contact form (or our social media accounts).

The more you tell us about your project and its requirements, the more accurate estimate we can give you.

Some common policies:

  • We usually do not do city, world, or isometric maps. When we do, world, city, and isometric maps are often much more expensive as they are more complex and time-consuming.
  • We focus on sci-fi and fantasy cartography.
  • We do our maps in our own identifiable style.

Here are some of the publishers and companies we have worked with: MCDM Productions, Chaosium, Cubicle 7, Star Anvil Studios, Design Ministries, DMDave Works, 10tons, Alligator Alley Entertainment, DWDStudios, Geek & Sundry, Post World Games, Sly Flourish, Pohjoismaisen Roolipelaamisen Seura ry, Myrrysmiehet, and Nine Dragons.

Remember, Remember the Month of Mapvember

We are also the grey entity behind the annual #mapvember map-drawing event 🙂

Mapvember is a challenge open to all. This is not a competition, and there are no rewards. Except for yourself. Mapvember can be a great way to challenge yourself or get an excuse to start making RPG maps.

Actually, the first Mapvember in November 2015 was also the start of Miska’s Maps. Everything started when Miska started doing old-school black & white RPG maps for sci-fi and fantasy RPGs, but in 2020 the focus was changed to virtual tabletops, and we started making VTT-compatible sci-fi and fantasy battle maps and props.

Any Questions or Feedback?

If you want to drop a line, please use the contact form, here.