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[Map] Scavenger Town


This patron supported map was originally published on Patreon in January 2016. 


Right after I made the Walker Wreck map, I thought that I need to make another map to go with it. I decided to continue riffing off of Star Wars The Force Awakens and ended up drawing a map of a small trading post for trading junk and other scavenged valuables for food, water, clothes and equipment. Sometimes maybe even for a ride out of the wasteland.

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[Map] Walker Wreck


This map was originally published as a patron supported map on Patreon in January 2016. 

The idea for this map I got from the latest Star Wars movie. In the movie Rey, a wasteland scavenger has her home in a wrecked AT-AT walker. I though that it would be a really cool idea to have some sort of hideout built inside a wrecked walker. I expanded on the idea a bit and designed the map so that the walker has fallen against a rock formation and as the walker bashed against the rocks an entrance was revealed into caves inside the big rock.

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