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[Map] The Osiris Station



I’m reading The Expanse book series by James S.A. Corey, and while reading the second book I had an inspiration to draw a small space station with a hangar bay and facilities for a small research crew and a security team. Of course, I could not resist to draw some interesting details, like a collapsed lab section, on the map.  
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[Map] Wrecked Spaceship


This is a quick map I did to test the idea of vertically built spaceships and it was kind of inspired by The Expanse tv-series and one of its spaceships.  So, in other words, this map was made hard scifi in mind – no artificial gravity except for rotation or acceleration, for instance.

Normally this ship would be like a tower when it’s under acceleration, but otherwise there’s no gravity and it would be more like a tube divided into sections.

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