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Patreon Updates

Just to give a quick update, I’ve recently made some updates on Miska’s Maps patreon page. Here are the most important changes in brief:

  • The URL is changed to a more accurate form:
  • Posts are now tied to specific tiers to avoid duplicate posts. Now all rewards for the tier is included in one tier specific post, instead of splitting it into multiple posts.
  • All posts are updated now to include tags. This is to help to browse the growing map archive.

#mapvember2018 Prompt List

The prompt list for #mapvember2018 is here!

This year all of the topics on the prompt list are song titles! Each day is given a song title that you can interpret however you like. You can take inspiration from the title alone, from the lyrics, or the atmosphere of the song. You can find a Spotify playlist with all the songs here, but this is just a suggested list. Also, you can find a printer-friendly list here.

And please note, that while this list is the “official” prompt list, it’s totally optional. Its use is not required in any way.

So, get ready to draw some maps and post them online with hashtags #mapvember2018 and/or #mapvember!

Read more about #mapvember here.